Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin Pick Is Really About Pricks

Like everybody else, I've been reading and watching and discussing McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as VP.

Here's my take: She's good looking, has incredible charisma, is telegenic and articulate. She is flirtatious, sassy and sarcastic.

She is brimming with sexual power.

Don't believe me? Look again at her convention speech, but with the sound off. Watch the way she suggestively bites her moistened, pink lips, how she uses a coyly dropped chin and gazes from up under her raised eyebrows, and how her eyes twinkle. These are classic "come-on" gestures.

Before the Palin pick, McCain campaigned quite a bit at macho, hard-hat "guys guy" events--at factories, at construction sites, and, infamously, at the Sturgis biker rally, just to name a few. When McCain made his joke about offering up wife Cindy as a "Miss Buffalo Chip" contestant, most liberals and Dems thought it was grossly sexist, demeaning, crude and insulting--not only to his wife but to women in general. This response missed the subtext of the offer, that being "My wife will submit herself sexually to me and to you if I wish it."

All of this "guy's guy" campaigning was McCain's attempt to gain "dick cred", but despite working so hard to showcase his machismo, McCain's messaging and his ability to project a true power persona were failing. That is until the "Palin pick."

Republicans really do know their authoritarian base. What that base really wants is a ruler who has a big dick and who displays it and uses it.

With Palin, McCain gains the stiff dick machismo factor with Republican men that was previously lacking. She's his sexual talisman.

Her popularity has nothing to do with her history, her character, her acts while in office, her stance on issues or positions, or her experience. If it were, she would have never, ever in a million years been chosen as VP.

What picking Palin is really about is that in the deep, dark blackness of Republican male souls they just really, really want to fuck her, or watch her be fucked. She sexually excites them. The Palin vp pick is simply and exclusively all about giving base Republican men a hard on.

In their eyes, that McCain can "get" a real-life Caribou Barbie, a sexually charged woman like Palin, instantly conveys on him the crucial big prick power.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Especially interesting - watching the Palin speach with the sound off...interesting. Yeah, funny how carrying a gun makes you immune to traditional sexism and that white men who otherwise would never vote for a woman are digging Palin because they want to screw her. Glad to see you write about the sexual sub-text. Very illuminating. Great job!