Friday, January 11, 2008

Eternal Sunshine--Green Plug

As a dedicated Northwest denizen I will freely admit that I enjoy our cool, rainy weather and cloudy days, but lately I've been feeling "off." I've got a raging case of "Northwest blahs"--feeling like I will Just Go Bonkers if I don't get more sunlight.

It's just too damn dark around here. I've been contemplating taking a trip to the Southwestern United States, or Florida, or Hawaii, anywhere I can be in bright sunshine. But trips are expensive, and the benefits of brief sunshine-basking are short-lived. What to do?

A fantastic green product--Solatubes--offers a permanent solution to the Northwest blahs.

Solatubes are highly-reflective, insulated, UV-coated, sealed pipes installed through a roof. Available sunlight is magnified and projected indoors in a diffuse pattern, providing indoor "sunshine plus" on cloudy days. Because of Solatube's unique design, on bright sunny days, Solatubes actually baffle and moderate "excess" sunlight.

While there are similar knock-off products on the market Solatubes is by far the best. Northwest Natural Lighting is the distributor for Solatubes in the Puget Sound region

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